1.Jókai Mór Memorial House


The Jókai Mór Memorial House is a popular holiday home of our famous writer, where, among other things, such great works as the Golden Man were created. The property was purchased in 1867 and 3 years later this Neo-Renaissance-Classicist Villa was populated.
Not only was the proximity of Lake Balaton tempting to the Jókai family, but also the local spa. The sour water of Füred was treated as a wonderful healing agent at that time.
After the death of his wife, the writer got rid of the property, which was later converted by its later owners to their own needs. It was turned into a museum in 1954, and the equipment makes up a significant part of the legacy purchased from the writer’s widow. It is taken care of by the collections of the Petőfi House and then its legal successor, the Petőfi Literary Museum. The exhibition gives an insight into the life of Mór Jókai and Róza Laborfalvi and their family in Balatonfüred. According to Kálmán Mikszáth, the “golden age” of Jókai’s poetry could have been created in Balatonfüred.

2.Urban Local History Collection


Originally a director’s residence, the seven-room property, built in 1913, now functions as a museum showcasing the city. Get to know the history of the city, the reform-era Balatonfüred, the local traditions, the history of the famous Anna Ball and the sailing stories. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, it is worth visiting the beautifully restored more than 100-year-old building, which has retained its period’s charm.

3.“Vitorlázeum” Sailing Museum


This place is recommended for lovers of watercraft, as a unique exhibition of sailing history awaits its visitors here, not elsewhere than in one of the oldest buildings in Balatonfüred, on the floor of the first clubhouse for sailing on Lake Balaton.


Not only can one learn about the history of sailing on Lake Balaton, but in addition to the usual showcases, one can be get various elements of experience. There is an opportunity to try sailing on stormy Lake Balaton with the help of a simulator, and learn the skills of navigation and rope knotting. You can practice sailing or admire the panorama from the terrace surrounding the exhibition.

4.Bodorka Aquarium


Surely many people already know about aquariums showing sea and ocean fish, and we can hear little about the presentation of the Lake Balaton water world. Fortunately, the visitor center in our city is trying to change this, as they can now see the fish of the countryside live, face-to-face, from a few centimeters common bleak to the most powerful fish in Central Europe, catfish growing up to hundredweights.