Discover the most beautiful promenade of Lake Balaton, where you can take romantic walks with your loved one. It is the venue for most of Balatonfüred’s programs, such as Wine Weeks, Fish and Wine Festival or the Romantic Reformation.


The tour in the Koloska valley, the most beautiful green part of Balatonfüred, can offer even a full day of relaxation. If we arrive from the Arácsi Népház, a free zoo welcomes us halfway. Among many others, here you can see deer, mallards, and other local wildlife animals. Arriving in the valley, following the stream, we can see a small lake. There are also fireplaces here where we can roast a little bacon for ourselves, but if we are better prepared we can even make a stew. Next to the fireplace, there are tables and benches where we can comfortably eat the finished food.


The port of Balatonfüred is a popular walking location. No wonder, with it’s far reach into the lake, it presents a beautiful picture. It provides a good view of the Tihany peninsula streching into the water. In clear weather you can also feast your eyes on the southern beaches of the lake. It is an especially spectacular sight during smooth summer evenings.

The port is operational since 1846 and is expecting guests ready to sail ever since, all thanks to Count Istvan Széchenyi. The dock has been rebuilt several times before reaching it’s current state.

There are many ways to take a take a trip on the water :

  • 1 hour cruise
  • 2 hours cruise
  • Wineship
  • Happy tour
  • Scheduled intercity ships
  • Oxon electric boats

For a better experience, we recommend to plan multiple programs.Take a boat trip to Tihany and explore the beauty of the town. Visit the abbey from up close and take a tour to the monk’s dwellings carved into the hillside.